Going Back to School When The Nest Empties

PoolWhen I anticipated the empty nest, I half-joked that I was going to spend a couple of weeks at the Grand Wailea on Maui after taking my youngest to college. I’d single mom’d my three kids for a decade. The two oldest were in college, my youngest was doing well in high school. I could imagine standing in that magical surf, not driving anyone anywhere (what a dream), not making food for anyone… I’d swim and sleep.

But life had other plans for me. As my youngest progressed through high school, I signed up for a full semester of college courses to re-engage my brain. I took Political Science, Pre-Law, Philosophy, History and Ethics and, because I studied A LOT, I got a 4.0. Professor Marge Haskell asked my Pre-Law class, ‘who wants to be a lawyer?’ and my hand shot up. I was in a classroom with mostly early 20-somethings, but something in me got a little excited when she asked.

I took an LSAT Prep course, took the LSAT twice, applied to a variety of law schools and as my daughter was getting her college offers, I got my law school offers. I chose a local powerhouse, University of San Francisco School of Law because of their strong alumni connections in the judiciary and corporate world in Silicon Valley. My classes started a few weeks before the college drop-off trip, and it was instant immersion in 24-7 studying.

Two months have passed and I was driving home over the Golden Gate Bridge when I had my moment: wait a minute… WHAT HAPPENED TO HAWAII???

I’d forgotten to swim and dine and sleep… I’d gone from 24/7 mothering to 24/7 studying. I’ll go to the Grand Wailea some year, not this year.  1144152067_b2ae7827d1_b

I know lots of lawyers and a few judges and they are nearing retirement, while I’m tapping home plate, happy to be at bat…

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  1. Julie Says:

    You are amazing and an inspiration to all us empty nesting moms. You rock, Mary Wallace!

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