Great Podcast for writers – Story Makers Show

I’ve been in a Craft class in Berkeley with ‘laser edit’ queen, Elizabeth Stark of Book Writing World.  On my drive to and from, I listen to a great podcast she does with her partner Angie Powers.

Story Makers Podcast

My favorite episodes are

Episode 17: Janet Harvey

Janet Harvey brings together savvy from advertising and invests it in indie filmmaking and comic books–and she told us the key to a successful Kickstarter campaign.

Episode 19: Sylvia Linsteadt

What do animal tracking and writing have in common? More than you think, as we learn in conversation with Sylvia Lindsteadt, a prolific young author of fiction and non-fiction and a certified animal tracker.

Episode 20: Jacqueline Luckett

What do you get when you cross a novelist and a screenplay writer? An 80 page outline of a movie! Author Jacqueline Luckett always dreamed of her book being turned into a movie, and now a known actress has bought the screenplay.

and of course, Elizabeth herself…

Episode 23. Writing: Ambition, Habit or Addiction? A talk with Elizabeth Stark

This week Angie interviewed Elizabeth, just to get really meta or, you know, narcissistic. Actually, we thought this would be a good way to introduce us to our listeners: Who are these people asking these questions? Why are they so hungry to know everything about story?

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