Mary Wallace

Mary Wallace lives in Northern California.  She is an early adopter and has blogged on tech innovation, social justice and contemporary issues for an international audience.  She loves raising her three kids and has put the bumper sticker ‘One People, One Planet, One Future’ on each of her cars through the years. She believes that there is more that unites us than that divides us and hopes for a future energized by love instead of fear.  

Here’s hoping for a kinder, gentler human race… 

UNBURYING HOPE is in famous indie bookstore Book Passage!

Mary's books will be available on all ereaders and as a digital and audio download on this site, as well as a physical paperback.  AND, we are excited to announce, Unburying Hope has been offered a spot on a shelf in the ESTEEMED independent bookstore BOOK PASSAGE in Corte Madera.  BOOK PASSAGE has been a leader and a strong voice of activism, protecting the rights of readers to local bookstores. YIPPEE!

Mary's stunning debut novel

Unburying Hope Cover

Excerpt from a recent Review:  "Current and acutely relevant, the powerful narrative explores bold issues such as economic chaos, social deprivation and those internal scars carried by a soldier from Iraq.  Undeniably assured and candid, this distinctive, original work is quite remarkable. Celeste and Eddie's intensely passionate romance is exquisitely drawn, full of emotive multi-layered meaning and stunning simplicity." 

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